Are you ready to dive into the world of cycling, where top quality and adventure go hand in hand? Ibis bikes offer exactly this – the opportunity to experience cycling in a whole new way. Welcome to learn more about these state-of-the-art bikes, their unique features and how they stand out from the competition. High quality is described, for example, by Ibis' eternal frame warranty and the bearing warranty of the linkages.

Ibis bikes: Your journey to adventure

When it comes to adventure, Ibis bikes are the perfect partner. These are not just ordinary bikes – they are a gateway to experiences, a sense of freedom and new landscapes. Whether it's the quiet paths of the forest, rugged mountain routes or moving in the pulse of the city, Ibis bikes are ready to take you on a trip you won't forget.

DW-Link Suspension: The secret to top-class driving

What makes Ibis bikes great? The answer lies in their DW-Link suspension. This is not just a suspension system, but the secret to a smooth and controlled ride. The DW-Link suspension makes your ride velvety smooth, smoothing out road bumps and keeping you on track, no matter how challenging the terrain.

ibis dw-link dw link

Competitors: Ibis bikes Challengers

Pivot Bicycles

When talking about competitors, Pivot Bicycles comes to mind. Their bikes are top class, offering great performance. Even if they try to challenge the Ibis bikes, the softness and ease of the DW-Link suspension is not so easily overcome. It's like trying to beat the comfort and reliability of an old friend - not so simple.

Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Bicycles is another player in the cycling competition field. Their bikes have guts and quality components. Their VPP (Virtual Pivot Point) suspension provides excellent grip and pedaling. Although they compete in the same mountain bike field as the Ibis bikes, the ease of use and smoothness of the DW-Link suspension puts the Ibis on a level all its own.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ibis bikes

Q1: Can the DW-Link suspension be adjusted to your own preferences?

Absolutely! The DW-Link suspension of Ibis wheels has adjustment options that allow you to customize the driving experience according to your own wishes. You can choose the suspension stiffness and other features so that they perfectly suit your driving style and needs.

Q2: Why do Ibis bikes stand out from the competition?

Ibis wheels stand out in several ways:

  • DW-Link Suspension: This suspension system provides a smooth and comfortable driving experience that makes every journey enjoyable.
  • Top-class quality: High-class materials and innovative design are used in the production of Ibis bikes, which guarantees their durability and performance.

    Q3: What does the "forever links and bearings" guarantee mean?

    Ibis wheels' "forever links and bearings" guarantee means that these parts will last a long time and have a very long service life. However, if these parts happen to break down, Ibis offers to replace them with new parts completely free of charge. So you can be confident that your bike will stay in top condition for a long time. This means that the bearings and o-rings of the linkage are replaced free of charge for the customer if they are worn.

    Summary: Ibis Bikes – A Reliable Partner in Adventure

    Ibis bikes are more than just vehicles. They are the beginning of an adventure, a feeling of freedom and a top-quality cycling experience. While competitors like Pivot Bicycles and Santa Cruz Bicycles bring their own strengths, Ibis bikes' DW-Link suspension and high-quality manufacturing put them on a level of their own. So get into the saddle and get ready to experience cycling in a new way - Ibis bikes are ready to take you to the edge of adventure!

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