Continuous development of operations in cooperation with customers

customer feedback

We would love to hear if you have any feedback to give us. We regularly review our feedback and do everything we can to serve our customers better. That's why we greatly appreciate it if you take the time to provide feedback or development ideas.

Our purpose is to develop our own operations, services, product selection, as well as the community around us. We want to offer now and in the future an environment where everyone feels welcome.

So you can leave us feedback and ideas, for example:

  • Customer service quality
  • Lack of product selection
  • Brand, what would you like us to represent
  • Development ideas
  • Services and concepts that cannot even be found on the market yet
  • Cooperation proposals, etc.

You can also leave feedback anonymously

If you want to leave feedback, a message or a development proposal without using your own name and contact information, you can leave the name fields blank on the contact information form. In this case, also write in the email field, for example, as the email address.

Examples of our customer requests
Examples of our customer requests
A do-it-yourself service point for customers, where the most important tools for bike maintenance are available
Examples of our customer requests
O'Neal & Dakine products
Examples of our customer requests
Lounge space for customers, for example, as a waiting area for joint runs