Emilia Sport Ambassador - Ambassador program

Would you like to become a brand ambassador for Emilia Sport? We offer great benefits to our ambassadors and we always tailor the programs based on the person's background and goals.

Either an individual or an association can act as an ambassador. In particular, cycling associations, racing teams and other associations operating in the field of cycling are welcome as ambassadors.

Examples of benefits you can get as an Emilia Sport ambassador

  • Product and equipment list: Ambassadors can receive free or discounted products from Emilia Sport's selection. This helps them test and rate products and share their experiences in their own community.

  • Supported Content: Emilia Sport can support content created by Ambassadors and provide them with resources such as images, videos and information about their products. This helps Ambassador produce quality content.

  • Social media exposure: Ambassadors can gain exposure on Emilia Sport's social media channels, helping to grow their following and influence.

  • Collaboration opportunities: Ambassadors can get the opportunity to participate in Emilia Sport's marketing campaigns and collaborations, which can bring them more visibility and earning opportunities.

  • Training and support: Emilia Sport can provide training and support in mapping Ambassadors' cycling skills.

  • Access to new products: Ambassadors can be the first to get access to new products and innovations from Emilia Sport, which can give them a competitive advantage in their own cycling community.

  • Community building: Ambassadors are part of the Emilia Sport community, offering them the opportunity to network with other passionate cyclists and share their experiences.

  • Monetary Incentives: Some Ambassadors may be offered monetary incentives, such as commissions or commissions on sales generated through their referrals. It is also possible to offer the courier the work part of maintenance services for free.

  • Events and competitions: Emilia Sport may offer opportunities to participate in events and competitions where Ambassadors can represent the brand.

  • Cooperation in brand development: Ambassadors can get the opportunity to give feedback and participate in the development of the company, helping the brand to improve its products and services.

How can I become a brand ambassador?

Anyone who loves cycling, has at least 1000 followers and is over 18 years old can become an Emilia Sport ambassador. In return, we ask for the creation and publication of content or, for example, appearances at events, depending on the person's background and goals.

How to apply to be an ambassador?

Send us a message via the contact form. You can send a free-form application, but please tell us about your goals and wishes.