Bicycle financing and partial payment

Bicycle financing and Installment payment

Bicycle financing refers to buying a bicycle with an installment payment or credit. With the financing option, you can pay back the purchase price of the bike in smaller installments within the agreed time, which makes it easier to purchase an expensive bike. Financing can be arranged through the bike dealer or a separate financing company. Often, financing offers also include the option to choose different payment terms and interest rates.

Why finance the purchase of a bicycle?

Financing a bicycle has several advantages. First, it gives you the opportunity to get the bike you want right away without the need to pay the entire purchase price at once. In addition, you get flexibility with the payment terms and you can choose the monthly installment and loan term that suits you.

Financing also allows you to get a better bike that you might not have been able to get without the financing option. This way you can enjoy better riding experiences and take advantage of the latest bike technology.

Financial partners

Resurs Bank

Resurs Bank financing is our most popular financing partner. With Resurs Bank financing, you always get 30 to 60 days of interest-free and expense-free payment time. In 12-month installments, the interest rate is 0% and the processing fee is 0.28% of the credit amount, however no more than €12.50/month.