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Come and try out the bikes at the end of Tampere's Kaukajärvi lake. We have a huge number of bikes ready for a test drive, and during the winter season, in our big store, test drives can also be done indoors!

We try to answer e-mail inquiries as soon as possible, but if you have an urgent matter, please contact us by phone. We help you with all possible questions and problems related to cycling.

Family behind everything

Emilia Sport is a family business founded in 1978 and from the beginning it has specialized in the sale and service of bikes suitable for the needs of all family members. The original owner of the company, Hannu Peltola, wanted to offer high-quality bikes to the needs of the people of Tampere and has been doing so for years at several different locations.

Over the years, Emilia Sport has developed and expanded its product range to offer every member of the family a suitable bike and accessories for their bikes. Emilia has invested especially in developing the range of children's bikes and is almost the only player in Pirkanmaa to offer a very wide range of bikes for children and young people of different ages.

In 2011, Emilia Sport opened its online store, which has made the company's products available to a wider audience. Today, Emilia Sport is one of Finland's most popular sellers of cycling-related products, accessories and equipment.

Emilia Sport's goal has always been to offer quality services and products to its customers. That's why bike quality and safety have always been the company's top priorities. The employees are proud of the fact that they have received a lot of positive feedback from customers over the years about the friendly customer service experience and worry-free kilometers, which are supported by Emilia Sport's comprehensive maintenance. The happiness of a new bike owner is a vision that we want to spread to more and more people, and that is why we strive now and in the future to offer more products to support the needs of enthusiasts. Nowadays, Emilia Sport also offers comprehensive products for sports and hobby needs.

45 years of operation ~3,500 Annual customers +80 brands

Riku Tuppurainen

General man

Riku is the store's general organizer. In the background there is competition experience on the off-road side, but hobbies also include active road cycling.

Anrei Ahonen

Customer service

With over 25 years of experience, Anttu is Emilia's longest-serving employee. With Antu, there is an answer to a question, rather than a question. This cheerful guy is always ready to help customers even in the worst problems!

Tommi Hart's

Maintenance foreman

There isn't a bike that Tommi can't service. Several decades of experience with bikes guarantees that there is no maintenance-related question that Tommi cannot answer. In his free time, you can also find Tommi on the back of the horned bikes.

Risto Pietarila

Customer service

Risto has a long career in customer service in various fields. Risto is also a passionate bike enthusiast, which means he has a wide range of skills and experience in cycling. You can come across Risto in the Tampere region on the terrain or on a gravel run.